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  • Lóngfèng Xiá Oolong
  • Lóngfèng Xiá Oolong

Lóngfèng Xiá Oolong

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  • The world renowed Long Feng Xia is located inside the Shanlin Xi tea growing area. At an altitude of about 1,900 meters, Long Feng Xia is sometimes known as the Lishan of Shanlin Xi.


    The dry tea leaves are semicircular bright green pearls with a slight aroma of nori.  After the rinse, the first round of brewing releases a strong floral fragrance.  The taste is that of steamed edamame with a hint of dried fruit sweetness.  Notes of cedar wood are also present.  The aftertaste is smooth and has a long lasting huigan (returning sweetness).  The second round of brewing remains somewhat vegetal.  Additionally, a light milky fragrance is also present.  While this might sound similar to Jin Xuan oolong, it is much more mellow and crisp in nature.  The aftertaste has become more intense and much sweeter.  The third round of brewing brings on yet another transformation.  The tea soup is fragrant like gardenia flowers and has become thick and full of floral sweetness.  A distinct orchid note, reminiscent of high mountain Lishan oolong, is also present, along with a subtle hint of minerality towards the back of the palate.

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