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Wang Family Tea
Wang Family Tea
  • Mùzhà Tiě Guānyīn
  • Mùzhà Tiě Guānyīn

Mùzhà Tiě Guānyīn

PriceFrom $13.50
  • Our Muzha Tie Guanyin is made from the heirloom cultivar, Hong Xin Wai Wei Tao.  For this batch of Tie Guanyin, the leaves have been lightly withered, oxidized to between 25-30%, and then repeatedly roasted and kneaded in a cloth sack to produce the distinct flavors and aromas that make Muzha Tie Guanyin so sought after.   


    To further honor the artisanal tea making spirit found in Muzha, we decided to roast our Tie Guanyin using the traditional Tan Bei method. Tan Bei roasting is done entirely by hand in small batches.  It utilizes longan wood charcoal for a distinct and nostalgic flavor.


    The dry leaves are dark black, with distinct sesame and caramel aroma. In addition, there is also a hint of fruit forward acidity on the nose. If you allow the leaves to steam in a heated teapot or gaiwan, you will notice the leaves emit a sweet herbal scent and have the fragrance of smoked plum.


    Drinking the first round of brewing, you’ll taste a delightful mix of sesame and Crème Brûlée. There is also a subtle aromatic hint of maltose. The tea soup brings a distinct minerality to the palate as well.

    The second round is sweet, malty, and has pleasant notes of baker’s spice and sandalwood. The sesame flavor has become even more prominent as well. The caramelized sweetness from the first round grows in intensity during the finish. This round has a little astringency, but it’s quickly replaced by a long-lasting sweetness on the finish.


    The third round sees a slight shift away from the caramelized note, towards a more maple syrup flavor. The only constant is the sesame aroma, which is quite endearing. The taste of the tea soup is relatively thin, but the aroma of flowers and fruits is more elevated.  As a final note, a hint of osmanthus blossom has crept in.

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