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Wang Family Tea
Wang Family Tea
  • Shānlín Xī Gōngfū Chá
  • Shānlín Xī Gōngfū Chá

Shānlín Xī Gōngfū Chá

PriceFrom $15.00


  • -Puffed Rice Candy
    -Passion fruit
    -Sugar Cane
    -Candied Orange


    This tea represents a milestone for us.  It combines two traditional crafts in perfect harmony:  deep oxidaiton oolong, paired with a delicate longgan wood charcoal roast.  For this reason, we decided to name it after the traditional way of preparing tea, Gōngfū Chá.

    When you drink it, you can taste the refreshing flavors of high mountain oolong, combined with the subtle strength of charcoal roasted tea. 

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