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  • Shānlín Xī Qìn Yù Oolong
  • Shānlín Xī Qìn Yù Oolong

Shānlín Xī Qìn Yù Oolong

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  • No.22 Radiant Jade(台茶22號)is a new cultivar created by the Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES).  It was created by crossbreeding the famous cultivars Qingxin Oolong and Jin Xuan.  I must say, this is perhaps one of the best cultivars created by TRES.   The first time you try this tea, you will be surprised.  The florality is so intense, you will think this is a perfumed tea.  That is not the case. Our Shanlin Xi No.22 Radiant Jade is a pure tea without any additives.  In fact, I believe we are the only people growing this cultivar in Shanlin Xi right now.


    Dry leaf aroma is like that of Qingxin Oolong: floral, woodsy, and lightly sweet.  Once you rinse the leaves you can start to experience the true characteristics of this tea.  Distinct notes of chrysanthemum, honey, and pear start to waft through the room. The first round of brewing produces a crystal-clear light-yellow tea soup.  The aroma is very intense now.  The taste is very floral, with secondary notes that are like bug bitten tea - sweet honey flavor with delightful fruitiness. The hui gan ( / returning sweetness) of this oolong is intense and long lasting. The second round of brewing is even more enjoyable than the first.  The floral aroma has become even more complex.  It now reminds me of the magnolia flower. The bug bitten characteristics of this oolong have become stronger.  The flavor is very elegant, almost like Dong Fang Mei Ren (東方美), but with strong florality. The third round adds even more sweetness to this tea.  The honey flavor has increased and is joined by the distinct note of lychee ().

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