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Beyond Sustainability

Wang Family Tea, originating from a family of tea farmers, has been persistently advancing on the path of promoting and preserving Taiwan's tea culture. With your support, Wang Family Tea has achieved its current status.

Ensuring the sustainable development of the tea industry is our goal amid business operations. Wang Family Tea will follow the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve sustainable development in the tea industry.


Blending for a better world, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

No Poverty

Provide fair wages and benefits to tea farmers and workers to improve their living standards.

Zero Hunger

Ensure sufficient food supply for farmers and local communities, and support local agricultural production to enhance food security.

Good Health& Well-being

Provide health coverage for farmers and workers, ensuring safe and healthy working environments.

Quality Education

Offer training and educational opportunities for farmers and local community members on agriculture and tea cultivation to enhance their professional skills and knowledge.

Gender Equality

Ensure equal employment opportunities for both men and women in agriculture, tea cultivation, packaging, etc.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Ensure proper water resource management during agricultural production, avoiding contamination of drinking water and sanitation facilities in local communities. Construct irrigation water towers to conserve water resources.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Provide formal employment and fair wages, supporting local economic growth and development.

Responsible Consumption
& Production

Take measures to reduce waste and resource consumption during production processes, achieving more sustainable tea cultivation and production.

Climate Action

ake measures to address climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve more environmentally friendly tea cultivation and production methods.

Life on Land

Protect and restore agricultural land and ecosystems to ensure the sustainability and long-term production of tea cultivation.

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