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Gaga for GABA Oolong

GABA Oolong

This GABA oolong has rather unique colors. It reminds us of a walk in a beautiful forrest.

A few days ago, we wrote an article describing the production of GABA black tea. As much as we'd like to share our impression on that tea, it was, unfortunately, pre-sold. Fortunately, Mr. Lee also just produced some GABA oolong. This blog details our impressions of Mr. Lee's GABA oolong. Please enjoy!

Irrespective of being produced as a GABA tea, this is an interesting oolong. What makes it interesting, is the fact that Mr. Lee decided to use a blend of two cultivars. The blend uses about 75% Taicha no.12 Jin Xuan and 25% Taicha no.13 Cui Yu. This is an experimental blend that Mr. Lee has been refining over the course of several harvests. We're happy to say that his experiment has paid off!

This tea brews up a beautiful, bright golden-yellow; the tea soup is crystal clear. We notice that the tea soup is also fairly viscous. When swirled in our pitcher, it slightly clings to the sides.

This tea is extremely aromatic. Even from across the room, the aroma of this tea is obvious. It has the distinct aroma of baked sweet potatoes and taro root. The aroma of honey is also present. The aroma of this GABA oolong really brings us back to our childhoods, when we often ate the popular snack of kao fanshu (烤番薯 - roasted sweet potato).

This tea is incredibly sweet. We're pleased to say that the aroma is indicative of this teas flavor. The first sip has an almost overwhelming flavor of baked potatoes and taro root. The honey sweetness is also present. Once sipped, the viscosity of this tea is incredibly apparent. It clings to your lips and mouth. Interestingly enough, this sensation remind us of drinking an especially thick rice porridge. This sensation lasts for many minutes after drinking.

GABA Oolong

Even after three rounds of brewing, the beauty of this GABA oolong is apparent.

What do you think about this GABA oolong? Is it similar to GABA oolongs you've had before? We'd love to hear your thoughts on GABA tea.

If you feel like sharing them, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via, or use the social media links at the top of this page.

From our family to yours,

The Wang Family


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