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  • Sun Moon Lake Assam Black Tea
  • Sun Moon Lake Assam Black Tea

Sun Moon Lake Assam Black Tea

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  • Assam black tea in Taiwan traces its roots back to Taiwan’s period of Japanese occupation. In 1936, at the base of mount Maolan and on the banks of Sun Moon Lake, the Japanese established the Yuchi Black Tea Laboratory. Assam seeds from India were sourced to develop a black tea industry in Taiwan. During this period, black tea from Yuchi was ranked as the highest grade of black tea at the London Tea Auction, receiving the ultimate distinction of being offered to the Emperor of Japan as a gift, and becoming the first Taiwanese black tea to be sought after in the international market.Our Assam Black Tea is tightly twisted into a strip shape, it possesses a black color, and has a strong maltose aroma. The first round of brewing reveals a light, milk aroma, a robust but not overpowering flavor, and a beautiful honey-amber colored liquor. The second round introduces a light maltose sweetness that rapidly builds on the finish. The third round kicks the previously mentioned notes into overdrive. The flavor is robust with a comforting, deep maltose sweetness; the milk aroma from before is also enhanced by the growing presence of maltose. We believe that this is the perfect showcase for what a good Taiwanese Assam can be: A robust character that is perfectly balanced by comforting sweetness.

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