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Wang Family Tea
Wang Family Tea
  • Ālǐ Shān Osmanthus Oolong
  • Ālǐ Shān Osmanthus Oolong

Ālǐ Shān Osmanthus Oolong

PriceFrom $11.70
  • The appearance of the dry leaves is a lovely bright green color and has the rich smell of high mountain oolong and osmanthus blossoms. The rolled oolong mixed with a little dried osmanthus flower is also quite pleasing to the eye. 

    The first round of brewing reveals a bright and clean tea soup with the strong aroma of osmanthus blossoms and the scent of petrichor in a mountain forest. The Hui Gan is obvious and sweet. 

    In the second round, the tea soup is beautifully golden. The fragrance of flowers is still sweet and smooth, and the aftertaste is long and comforting. We can smell the floral aroma first, which then transitions into the distinct flavor of high mountain Alishan oolong on the finish.

    The third round of brewing is marked by a dramatic increase in the osmanthus aroma and flavor.  This flavor coats the inside of our mouth and is joined by the heavier notes of orchid and longan flowers.  Impressively, none of these notes are overpowering.  Instead, they beautifully compliment the natural flavors of the oolong.  If you smell the empty tea cup, you can detect a distinct note of fruit-like sweetness.

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