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Wang Family Tea
Wang Family Tea
  • Bāguà Shān Competition Oolong
  • Bāguà Shān Competition Oolong

Bāguà Shān Competition Oolong

PriceFrom $8.10

We are down to our final stock of this tea! Once we sell out, it's gone.

This tea is offered in 25g samples, as well as  sealed 1 jin (600g) competition boxes from the Nantou City Farmer's Association.

  • I am happy to say that this tea got Nantou City Farmer Association Excellence Award! This tea is made using the Taicha No. 20 cultivar (台茶20), which is also known as 迎香(Ying Xiang / literally “Welcome Fragrance”). The unique thing about the Ying Xiang cultivar, is that even when grown at low altitudes, it will have the flavor and aroma characteristics like that of high mountain tea. This tea comes from my hometown, Baguashan, and I roasted it a total of three times over three weeks. It is my pleasure to share this tea with you!


    The dry leaf is small and beautifully rolled into tight pearls.  The dry leaf has a strong aroma of brown sugar.  The first round of brewing produces a tea that is clean, with a deep golden-brown color. The tea liquor has a strong aroma of brown sugar, with secondary notes of cream, and hazelnut.  The taste is rich, smooth, and dominated by notes of brown sugar, cream, and roasted nuts. There is also a hint of high mountain flavor, and a refreshing flavor that reminds me of mint.  The second round is very sweet and has an added note of dried fruit peel.  I am starting to feel the effects of cha qi (茶氣 / tea energy).  My body is starting to feel very warm, with a strong heavy sensation in my limbs.  The third round does not evolve too much.  The profile of this tea is dominated by sweetness. The flavor reminds me of the dessert crème brûlée.

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