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  • Shānlín Xī  Jasmine Oolong
  • Shānlín Xī  Jasmine Oolong

Shānlín Xī Jasmine Oolong

PriceFrom $13.00
  • This is hand-picked, premium Shanlin Xi oolong tea that was scented with fragrant jasmine flowers.

    When you open the tea package, you can immediately smell the elegant fragrance of jasmine flowers. This floral scent is natural and relaxing. The first sip taste still feels like high mountain Shanlin Xi oolong tea with its distinct forest scent, but it is immediately followed by a soft scent of jasmine. During the second round, the floral scent is much more obvious; the aroma is like jasmine flowers blooming in the teacup. The fragrance of flowers is still natural and comfortable, and you will not feel a sickly sweet or artificial taste. The magic is that the base of oolong tea is still very good, with great Hui Gan. In the third round, tea has a green apple aroma. In this round, The scent of jasmine is delicate.

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