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  • Sun Moon Lake Hóngyù Black Tea
  • Sun Moon Lake Hóngyù Black Tea

Sun Moon Lake Hóngyù Black Tea

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  • Red Jade (紅玉) is a hybrid of a Burmese large leaf variety bred with a native, wild growing variety from Taiwan. A cultivar created by the Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES), the governmental body responsible for researching and promoting tea in Taiwan, Red Jade took over five decades to produce.

    Our No.18 Red Jade is tightly twisted into a strip shape, has a dark black with hints of auburn color, and a distinct mint aroma laced with undercurrents of woodsiness. When brewed, the beauty of our Red Jade becomes even more apparent.  The Tea liquor is a crystal clear, warm dark red. This color can truly only be described as “Red Jade”. The first round of brewing yields a wonderfully aromatic cup. The unique mint aroma and taste of our Red Jade are on full display here.  Underneath the mint, you can detect a light aroma of cinnamon. The second round builds on this wonderful start. The mint and cinnamon flavors begin to deepen, and are joined by a light sugary sweetness that is reminiscent of ripe fruit. The third round is where this tea really shines.  The taste of mint, cinnamon, and sugar reach their zenith, and are further enhanced by an added aroma of exotic wood.

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